Friday, May 7, 2010

About six degrees of separation

There are studies and research and much more about the theory of the six degrees of separation, and a movie also with Will Smith, that I actually didn't enjoy much. A couple of minutes ago I was surfing in Julie Powell's blog and realised that we're sharing the same provider "blogger", and I also realised we're also sharing a similar layout. There's people posting on her blog. Hence: does the six degrees of separation theory also apply to the rules of the internet? Or the net cuts all the possible degrees of separation and reduces them to almost none? In the "offline" life if I wanted to contact Julie I should have tried several connections and never be sure enough on how to get in contact with her. Imagine of actor Ashton Kutcher being a hit in twitting.
So this is the question: has the internet overturned the six degrees of separation theory?

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