Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gourmet Dinner

I cugini vegetariani sono venuti a trovarci. Ho cominciato a cucinare alle 18 e 30, e, a parte i talli/tenerumi già pronti ho preparato una cena come si suol dire "from scratch".
Antipasto: straccetti di melanzane ai sapori di Pantelleria.
Primo: spaccatelle con ragout di tenerumi con variante della Norma
Contorno: flan di zucchine e mozzarella di bufala.

Non abbiamo accoppiato un vino perchè, non so perchè, ma avremmo potuto. Ecco un pò i procedimenti per non dimenticarli:
Antipasto: melanzane tipo seta. Pazientemente a fette sulla bistecchiera lasciate a cucinare, Appena sono pronte le ho ammorbidite con un'emulsione di olio e aceto balsamico. A parte ho preparato nel mixer: capperi, basilico, menta, olive e un pò d'olio. Ho tagliato le melanzane a fettine lunghe e sottili e poi le ho insaporite con l'intruglio. (ricetta originale)
La pasta: frullati i tenerumi/talli, prima insaporiti con ricotta salata e poi frullati. Serviti a tavola insieme alle zucchine fritte e ricotta salata, variante appunto della Norma che prevede salsa di pomodoro, melanzane fritte e ricotta salata.
Infine, secondo esperimento della serata, che con gli ospiti in casa è un pò un rischio.
Flan di zucchine: cipolla a rosolare e zucchine- a cottura ultimata, ma senza esagerare frullare con il mixer.
Intanto nel mixer c'erano 4 uova, parmigiano e ricotta salata, pepe nero abbondante. Tocco a sorpresa: avevo fritto delle patate (spesse non sottili) e le ho inserite a mo' di addensante. Quindi ho aggiunto le zucchine, frullato tutto e messo negli stampini dei muffin, nel forno a 195 gr, a bagnomaria per 40 minuti. Il cugino che non mangia zucchine ne ha mangiate ben due di flan piccoline e ha definito l'assaggio come una piacevole sensazione di sapori. Beh interessante.
Next time I'll take pictures.

Monday, June 14, 2010

one step at a time: Web 1.0

I won't forget the typical sound and analogic modem used to make when I used to connect. . It's web archeology. I can't even think now of switching my notebook without switching the adsl connection -going wireless is the natural condition nowadays.
I started to use the Internet for emails and to look for information. Since I discovered it I have been happier, more independent. Whenever I had been looking for an answer there it was, and not simply one but a whole world of answers, quality answers and helpful. Static websites, hypertexts, jakob Nielsen and his usability heuristics and website design: that was the first revolution. That "era" is now known as web 1.0. And Usability is still an issue.


Appalling, unbelievable, I almost forgot to watch the second part of the movie. Sex and the City 2 is really hard to describe because there are no words to describe it. I've been speechless during the whole movie. Don't know whether is more bothering Miranda and her microlessons on arabic culture (how possibly can girls from NY not know what a suq is or a writer, like Carrie not know what a ni'qab is). The scene of the outfits in the desert is confusing as there are too many floating and coloured outfits to look at.
I would like to know from the scriptwriters whether they wrote the movie starting from the shoes or the dresses....
The only sane thing that comes out is that you can really save a lot of money by not going to the shrink 'cos when you have your friends there's a lot of relieving and helpful talking

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello there: I AM HERE

Here's what is happening. I'm no digital-native but I'm struggling with this fascinating world to find my digital identity. And something is actually on the move these days. After subscribing to twitter and friendfeed, I changed my initial identity here on my blog webpage. From shrinkingpat, and the shrinking is actually going on, to trinitypat.
Here's a little story about my nickname. I was given it from some fellowstudents back in 2003. The Matrix had already become a cult amidst the web passionates and Matrix reloaded was released in 2003. I felt rather flattered to be addressed with such a nick. Must be honest: never really got how teasing it could be. But I really loved it. I clearly had nothing like her Trinity, but I would love to be like her, maybe some hidden potentiality? So. I thought: the hell why not ! I like it !
Hence here I am. During these years Trinity had been always wafting, floating in some remote place. Then one day this mug showed up again. Was it a sign? So I've been synchronising almost all my accounts on the web 2.0: friendfeed (just logged in today, still don't know it works), twitter, tumblr) I also have an account on flickr, and one on and on facebook and on gmail...
So let's go back to where I started: I'm no digital native - hence I'm slowly learning how to use these tools, synchronise 'em and most of all get to a place where I'll understand how I can contribute meaningfully to the pulsing breathe of the web.
hello there HERE I AM !!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ode to my blog

This blog is still without goals. It was originally conceived for a specific purpose. But still it has been a place I've used to experience what's like to have a blog. I was wondering what makes a virtual place like this successful. First of all I think it's the topic. You should pick the one you feel close to and go for it. Moreover this place should be like a creature you really want to take care of, feed and raise. Another critical issue is time. You need time to update and write. Is it possible I only have time to update or write when I'm queuing or waiting somewhere. No matter what it's my place and I know it's there for me to stay.
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