Friday, April 30, 2010

Il re è nudo

Can't really say he shouldn't had seen this coming. By announcing to the world he would perform naked on the stage Roberto Bolle should have known this would arouse the curiosity. We're too used, though, to see naked people on the screen to let us indulge in thinking why this is so scandalous. But the screen usually represents a veil that creates a certain distance. On the stage it's different, you can feel the breath of the public. The point is that the performer had asked not to show his image, hence IMHO, the one from the public who has been publishing the images has betrayed the trust the performer had relied on his public.

E' più un inevitabile indulgere alla pruderie che vera morbosità mostrare il nudo di Bolle. Se si accetta di fare una performance che sai creerà scandalo puoi anche aspettarti che le immagini siano rese pubbliche. Oppure non è forse stato tradito il rispetto che si deve portare alle scelte e alle richieste di un artista? Il limite della decenza e del buon gusto sono ormai stati superati da tempo. Bolle non è il primo nè l'ultimo ballerino, artista, attore ad essersi mostrato senza veli. In TV o al cinema succede costantemente, ma il velo che lo schermo frappone sembra rendere irreali quelle scene. A teatro, invece senti addosso il respiro del pubblico le gli sguardi, senti quando l pubblico trattiene il fiato, carica emotiva è notevole. Vederlo attraverso l'ennesimo video online può solo aver fatto arrabbiare il ballerino.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My web footprint

The funny thing is that I sort of made up this definition -what a genius - of web footprint but before posting it I googled the word and here's some interesting links I found on the matter.

All I have to say is: there's some really interesting stuff about all this linking and showing and being virtually there.
OT BTW I am listening to Kings of Convenience, relaxing perfect lounge atmosphere

Following a follower

This afternoon I spent a pleasing hour listening to an online conference from the course I am currently following. I am so fascinated by all the potentialities that Web 2.0 offers, I still sometimes wonder why some tools are so successful, but no doubt they are intriguing. Nowadays we're often hearing people talking about our ecological footprint, but undoubtedly there's also a web footprint that tells us what we are doing.

Free Press

Meno male che c'è il tg1 di Minzolini sempre sul pezzo che ci aggiorna su tutte le novità e gli argomenti più spinosi e up-to date, ci da spunti di riflessione e ci fornisce utili elementi critici per avvicinarci al mondo in cui viviamo con minori pregiudizi e maggiore consapevolezza !
Ora che a Milano sappiamo che c'è questo nuovo negozio in via Spadari presso cui acquistare i prelibati dolcini francesi, come lamentarsi che il servizio pubblico non faccia informazione di servizio?

Thank God we have a solicit tv news director that is always willing to inform us on the latest news on the most delicate issues and through these news always gives us reasons to think critically about our real life, gives us hints to live with less prejudices and a lot more of consciousness. Now that I know that in Milan there's this new shop where we can buy french deli, well that was a hell of a piece of information I definitely couldn't have lived without. How many boxes of Maccarons must he have received?

It's spring, how about changing the blog layout?

It's spring and I was thinking of changing the home of this blog. Maybe I'll do it - goto to feel like doing it. Yesterday I went from quilt to blanket. Today I was putting away my winter shoes for my summer/spring ones. So why not updating to new colors also my blog?

It's cool to have a blog

Well, even if I don't update it regularly, it's cool to have a blog, even if I've not had the guts yet to make it public, nor to link it to my facebook page (will I ever do it? ). But it's cool anyway. It's my place, in the blogosphere.
The point is that everybody might say anythng they want to, but I guess it's useless if you make other people waste their time invinting them to read your blog unless you have something interesting or cool to say. But I like having the possibility to come in this space form time to time and adding some sort of thoughts.
I always get stuck on rules, but I can change them from time to time, it's my blog and my place, it's like being in your room, if you don't feel like tidying up who cares, but yourself.
So today I felt like saying something different than complaining about my inability to cope !
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