Thursday, November 4, 2010

Urban Jungle

Good or bad, we're educated, at least some of us, to discern between what's good and what is bad. Mainly 'cos we are not alone in this world, we're apparently free to behave no matter how when we're alone in our religious privacy, but not when we're with other and when I say other I include also people we may know not of. All this just to tell a little story of common ignorance of "how to behave when you live within a community" and by ignorance I mean IGNORING basic rules.
I was walking this morning and I suddenly saw some people rushing out from shops and running towards their cars. There were policemen fining cars for parking inappropriately. One rushing gal in particular surprised me: he had parked his car on a zebra crossing and was eager to move it immediately not to be fined.
Here's what I thought: do you only do things when you know there's a control, or you simply you shouldn't have done it because you knew, in the first place, it would cause some sort of inconvenient to other people crossing by, e.g. women with strollers, old people with cans, people in wheelchairs (no wonder you don't see many around!). Must admit I am rather annoyed by this attitude: I am careless about society rules unless I am fined.
That's why they call it an urban jungle. Hence next time even if I know I shouldn't do it I will feel legitimate to smash someone's windscreen just 'cos it's on my way.

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