Monday, June 14, 2010


Appalling, unbelievable, I almost forgot to watch the second part of the movie. Sex and the City 2 is really hard to describe because there are no words to describe it. I've been speechless during the whole movie. Don't know whether is more bothering Miranda and her microlessons on arabic culture (how possibly can girls from NY not know what a suq is or a writer, like Carrie not know what a ni'qab is). The scene of the outfits in the desert is confusing as there are too many floating and coloured outfits to look at.
I would like to know from the scriptwriters whether they wrote the movie starting from the shoes or the dresses....
The only sane thing that comes out is that you can really save a lot of money by not going to the shrink 'cos when you have your friends there's a lot of relieving and helpful talking

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