Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello there: I AM HERE

Here's what is happening. I'm no digital-native but I'm struggling with this fascinating world to find my digital identity. And something is actually on the move these days. After subscribing to twitter and friendfeed, I changed my initial identity here on my blog webpage. From shrinkingpat, and the shrinking is actually going on, to trinitypat.
Here's a little story about my nickname. I was given it from some fellowstudents back in 2003. The Matrix had already become a cult amidst the web passionates and Matrix reloaded was released in 2003. I felt rather flattered to be addressed with such a nick. Must be honest: never really got how teasing it could be. But I really loved it. I clearly had nothing like her Trinity, but I would love to be like her, maybe some hidden potentiality? So. I thought: the hell why not ! I like it !
Hence here I am. During these years Trinity had been always wafting, floating in some remote place. Then one day this mug showed up again. Was it a sign? So I've been synchronising almost all my accounts on the web 2.0: friendfeed (just logged in today, still don't know it works), twitter, tumblr) I also have an account on flickr, and one on and on facebook and on gmail...
So let's go back to where I started: I'm no digital native - hence I'm slowly learning how to use these tools, synchronise 'em and most of all get to a place where I'll understand how I can contribute meaningfully to the pulsing breathe of the web.
hello there HERE I AM !!!!

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  1. :))
    perché non posso commentare alcun post, come quello della cena con i cugini vegetariani?


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